Elect Marc Sobel for Supervisor

Time to bring back common sense

Honesty, Leadership, Experience, Values means something

Thank you for visiting my website. Running for public office is a real humbling experience. I start the campaign with a commitment to make life better in our community. I see local government as a service to the residents. Government must be more responsive to your needs. It needs to run efficiently. It needs to listen to you. Government should operate in the background of life and stay out of your way.

One of my priorities is public safety. This is the glue that holds our society together. Without it, we have chaos. I want to make sure basic services like the Sheriff and Fire departments are funded to provide the high quality service you expect and deserve.

Most people live their lives without the need for government services but when you do, I want to be on your side, help you navigate through the red tape and make sure the county staff treats you fairly and with dignity. An important part of the job is to listen and I will be listening. We live in a community and its residents must have a say in what our community looks like and how it works.

Over the years, I have been involved in all sorts of both government and private processes that requires leadership and representation. I want to bring that experience to the table in the name of the community.