Make A Donation

You should know for the most part I will be self funding my Campaign. I will not accept any donation over $1000. I set this level so you will know I can’t be bought.  There is history, on the record information where Tom Wheeler has accepted thousands and thousands of dollars from developers and others seeking his vote.

This is probably the hardest thing to do, to ask of anyone to donate money. It is necessary process because the only way to get out a message to a great deal of people is by advertising in many forms. I hope you get a chance to meet me in person. I will publish my schedule on the website but don’t hesitate to call me if you want a private meeting.  I can only hope you make a donation because you see my efforts as way to better our community. It’s your way to be part of the process and it’s a way to contribute to a greater good. If you wish to send a check, address it to Marc Sobel, please make it payable to “Marc Sobel for Supervisor 2018” PO Box 403 Bass Lake, CA 93604. You may also donate online at  I can also accept a credit card. You will need to contact me at 559-760-7095 to make a credit card donation. For donations $100 and above I am required to collect your name, address, occupation and employer.

I wish to be totally transparent and will be posting State and local campaign filings here for your review. To date I have made an initial personal donation to my campaign of $11,000, spending about $8,000 for mostly advertising, website and promotional material.

I thank you for your donation from the bottom of my heart.
Marc Sobel

Committee ID#1391488